Do you want us to get you up to € 12,000 for the digital transformation of your business?

Within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan carried out by the EU, the Spanish government has created a program to  help freelancers, micro-SMEs and SMEs to digitize and grow their business online.

This plan, which is called KIT DIGITAL,  grants aid ranging from € 2,000 to € 12,000, depending on the size and number of workers that each company has.

On the other hand, just to make the request for processing,  from, if you have a website, we will give you an audit to check the general status and propose possible improvements, which you can finance with the same subsidy.

Digital bonds “KIT DIGITAL”

We present  the aid in the format of “DIGITAL BONUSES” that  will allow you to save a lot of money in the hiring of any of the digitization solutions that we offer you from Below, we detail the segments and companies that can qualify for these aids for digital transformation, always depending on the number of workers.


Small businesses with between 10 and 49 employees.


To be distributed between each digital solution


Small businesses with between 3 and 9 employees.


To be distributed between each digital solution


Small businesses with between 1 and 2 employees.


To be distributed between each digital solution

¿Qué podemos ofrecerte desde

  • We create your website from 0 or improve the one you already have running.
  • We are specialists in the start-up of e-commerce and digital businesses, and we can also improve the content and sales of one that is already in operation.
  • We design complete SEO and positioning strategies in Google, in order to overcome and improve the online sales of your direct competition.
  • We enjoy a lot of experience in the implementation of CRM software and process managers, which will allow you to improve and optimize the internal functioning of your company.
  • We also do paid advertising campaigns with Google Ads, Social Ads…
  • We design and implement Social Media strategies to generate business, growing your reputation and your community on the network, through your social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn …
  • We can record promotional videos if you have to launch a product or service to the market, as well as corporate videos, adapted to each platform and each social network. We have a great team of professionals who will advise you on all the options you have to record your video.
  • If you sell products on Amazon, without any doubt, we can help you a lot. We are experts in marketplaces and we will take care of everything, both account management and product positioning within the platform.
Kit Digital