Having an online store is key for companies and industries, since these allow to expand the ratio of potential buyers. Therefore, from b2b.studio we have a team of programmers and experts in e-commerce, who will help you boost the digital branch of your business.

What is the development of an online store for e-commerce?

An e-commerce platform is a digital tool that allows businesses looking to digitally transform to develop an online store to offer their products and services.

At b2b.studio we believe in the enormous potential of these platforms, since they allow us to expand the ratio of potential buyers of companies and industries. For this reason, we have specialized in the development of online stores through e-commerce platforms.

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From b2b.studio we recommend you to have an e-commerce platform if you want to have an information portal where you can share content and activate a process of attracting and converting users.

Today, we can sell everything digitally. However, it is not enough to publish an online store, you have to get traffic to it, optimize it for conversion and feed it back with the information obtained from Web Analytics. In addition, the website must be clean, clear, and concise, and must have a high level of usability, so that the client feels comfortable navigating it.

If you are still not convinced to bet on an e-commerce platform or online store, perhaps this list of advantages will help you.

  • Time flexibility
  • Autonomy
  • Low investment
  • Scalable sales

The online store must be connected to a management program, be it an ERP, a CRM or a billing program. For many businesses, it is important to have everything centralized and connected. We, at b2b.studio, can help you with that integration.

In addition to online stores, we design and develop catalogue websites or online store structures, which follow a structure like a traditional online store but without prices or payment gateway. These websites could be easily transformed into functional online stores at any time.

  • Responsive: Correct visualization on different devices.
  • Multilanguage: Possibility to publish the online store in two or more languages.
  • Easy and intuitive order management
  • Tax, transportation, and promotions rules
  • Integration with web analytics tool: For adequate control of results and analysis of visits.
  • Custom design or purchase of predefined templates.
  • Self-manageable: They have a simple administration panel that allows you to create, modify or delete products, product categories and static pages.
  • Shopping cart and One-step-checkout.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • User training: To ensure self-management by customers, which means cost savings.
  • SEO optimization: Both from the point of view of the web structure and in the installation of additional functionalities.
  • E-mail Marketing: Tools for attracting subscribers and making shipments, both manual and automatic.
  • Content marketing: Creation of sections for the generation, optimization, and publication of content.
  • SEM: Easy creation of landing pages, A/B testing to optimize conversions and control results.
  • Brand Club: Tool for creating incentives for users and / or customers.
  • Affiliate Program: Create a network of referents to encourage recommending our products and / or services.
  • Integration in social networks: Functionalities are enabled to integrate web and social networks.
  • Web Analytics: Monitoring of results and configuration of the tool for optimal information collection and decision-making. Training and decision-making.

Depending on the type in which your business is classified, you will need one type of platform or another to develop your online store. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  • Business to Business (B2B): Son las empresas que se dedican a comercializar sus productos o servicios a otras empresas.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B): Este tipo de negocio es explotado mayormente por freelancers.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C): La venta que se realiza de un individuo a otro.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C): Son las empresas que ofrecen sus productos y servicios directamente a los consumidores sin la intervención de un tercero.

Así de fácil, tú nos cuentas a qué te dedicas y en b2b.studio nos encargamos del resto. Contacta con nosotros sin ningún tipo de compromiso.

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