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SEO positioning covers a set of techniques that are applied on a web page, with the aim of improving its position and visibility in the search engines of the main browsers, such as Google.

Increase your company’s sales with email marketing

Email is a means of communication widely used by companies. It not only serves for daily management and internal communication, but also to reach users. This medium constitutes an enormous support when it comes to achieving the objectives of organizational growth. From we recommend the implementation of email marketing for companies to our clients, and we will explain why.

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Email marketing refers to all communication through email that the company has with its contacts. It is also a non-intrusive way to advertise, since it was the users themselves who provided their email. In addition, it is very versatile, since it can be used with dissimilar objectives: sell products, build customer loyalty, inform about offers, improve brand image, etc.

The tool in question is so useful that it continues to be one of the most used despite the rise of social networks and other media in the online space. Today, it is almost impossible to carry out successful campaigns without using email.

Next, we share the step by step that we use in to make effective email marketing campaigns for companies:

We will define your objectives

We will always define your goals in a concrete and quantitative way, in order to evaluate your success or failure.

We will segment your database

We will study who your audience is, how you can communicate effectively with the different segments of it, and what actions are the most conducive to reaching them. Furthermore, we will obtain this information through forms or through web, email, or telephone surveys.

We will define a content strategy

An email is also content. Therefore, we must provide valuable information, with headlines that generate expectation, interesting first lines and a structure that facilitates reading.

We will use the right tools

Marketing websites like HubSpot or Marketo have very useful tools for email marketing. These tools allow you to use quality designs, options for user segmentation, linkage with the company’s CRM, lead nurturing and workflow techniques and incorporation of call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

We will analyze and monitor

Finally, we will closely monitor the impact of your campaign. Take into account indicators such as the percentage of open clicks, the reading time, the supports used to access the email and what content has been the most successful.

If what we are looking for is that your campaign is unique and remains in the minds of your users, we must not forget these premises.

Avoid mass mailings

We all like to feel special. Personalizing your emails is essential to create a real relationship with your leads and customers.

Writing creative issues

The first thing your users will see will be the subject of the emails, therefore, this will be like a small sample of your content. We need to make sure it’s short, direct, clear and to the point. If we do a good job we can trigger many clicks and increase the open rate.

Pay special attention to content

Currently the average attention span of a person is 8 seconds. Therefore, an effective campaign must be concise and objective. In addition, we must offer information according to the interest of your contacts. We will use an appropriate language and choose a tone of communication according to your brand.

Include images

We can add graphic content, but without abuse. We must make a correct balance between text and images. In addition, we must bear in mind that if the latter are very large, email managers can block them, especially on mobile devices.

Add your social media and a call to action (CTA)

By adding your social networks we enable your subscribers to share your content. In addition, we direct them to your networks and increase the number of followers of your company.

CTA, on the other hand, can direct traffic to your networks or to your page. Every mailing campaign must have a measurable, clear and specific CTA that is in line with the company’s objectives.

It has, the experience we accumulate in email marketing campaigns for companies guarantee our worth.

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