In we accompany you in the realization of the international benchmark, a process that is ideal if you are planning the international expansion of your company, since it will allow you to know in depth new markets, to achieve a successful insertion in them.

International Benchmarking is a strategic consulting service that allows companies to evaluate their performance compared to their competitors on a global level.

This service provides valuable and detailed information about industry best practices, enabling companies to identify improvement opportunities and develop more effective strategies to compete in the global market.

With International Benchmarking, companies can gain a comprehensive and objective view of the competitive landscape in their industry, enabling them to make more informed decisions and increase their competitive advantage.

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Currently, digital transformation and the massive emergence of startups has resulted in those companies that stop updating and improving their business solutions, are in danger of losing relevance in the market. Hence the importance of knowing how to do a market study of an effective company and have professionals like those of who master the subject.

Benchmarking is a learning process that is carried out constantly looking at other companies in the same market sector to develop a list of improvements on their operation and implement them in your company.

The term comes from the English benchmark, which means reference, and is an essential management tool for the improvement of processes, products and services.

Their strategies, methods and techniques are studied internationally for the subsequent optimization of your company and thus obtain maximum performance, in addition, to reach a high level of competitiveness.

First, we take a deep look at your company to establish what its weaknesses, threats, and strengths are. Additionally, we will study the market in which we are acting, through the analysis of the competition and potential customers.

It will also help us to identify opportunities that will serve to define new original and innovative ideas that can be applied in your organization, thus improving your position in the market.

The benchmarking process will allow you to know the international market and thus achieve a greater expansion of your potential customers. This process gives excellent results and at we have a long list of clients who can confirm it to you.

How to do a market study of a company is not easy. Therefore, from we share what are the stages to follow for the correct development of the international benchmarking process.

  1. Study your business: this way you can understand what internal processes or business practices need to be improved.
  2. Select the type of benchmarking: it will allow you to be clear about your main objective by comparing departments of your own company with those of other countries or even with your direct competitors.
  3. Choose the international companies to be analyzed: the more you choose, the greater the possibility of improvement. The ideal is to opt for those companies that are market leaders.
  4. Define the data to be investigated: data from your company must be gathered to compare it with the same data from the companies that have been chosen. Social networks, the website or even the position it occupies in search engines can be quite useful.
  5. Analyze data collection internationally: it consists of establishing comparisons, observing the magnitude of differences, discovering the relationships that can be created in the business and checking the functions that could be developed and those that could not.
  6. Systematically conduct satisfaction surveys for both workers and customers. In addition to automatically managing that information.
  7. Implement improvements internationally: for this, a report must be prepared with all the conclusions obtained, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of future strategies. It is necessary to create an action plan to implement these improvements at the international level.
  8. Develop a specialized marketing and commercialization policy.
  • Define new concepts of analysis.
  • Expand the knowledge of the company itself.
  • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Obtain greater knowledge of competitive market.
  • Propose new strategies that are better than those of your current competitors.
  • Improve business communication and improve your business processes.
  • Reduce the number of errors and minimize costs.

You see that incorporating benchmarking into your company is very important to maintain an innovative culture and continuous improvement. So you shouldn’t be afraid to learn from others!

We know that this whole process can be difficult, but if you need more information or help, our professionals will be happy to help you. Contact us to boost your growth.

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