Link building strategies are essential to ensure that SEO is effective and gives the necessary visibility to our website.

What is a link building strategy for?

Link building strategies are one of the most important techniques in SEO, although there are also others that are equally necessary. They are essential to ensure that your web project manages to increase its visibility and improve its positioning in Google, which tends to translate into a substantial increase in customers.

Due to the importance that web positioning has taken today, from we tell you what it is about, what it is for and the benefits that the realization of effective link building strategies can bring to your web project.  

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

It is one of the main strategies that should be developed when it comes to positioning a website in Google. Being based on building backlinks (inbound links) to your site, its main objective is to increase the authority of a page and thus help you position yourself better than your competition.

You should consider that naturalness tends to play a very important role for Google. Therefore, you must follow a strategy that allows you to create high quality links and add value to the user.

 Can be carried out Link building strategies manually or naturally, and both will offer a variety of benefits that must be taken into account. In we specialize in SEO positioning in search engines, and we pay special attention to link building.

Below, we break down the various points that you can not ignore when designing link building strategies:

Diversity in domains

Google usually pays special attention to the variety of domains. This is why it is important that you make sure that your backlinks come from a variety of diverse domains and, if possible, that they are of good quality. It is better to have a link from different domains, than many from yourself.

Anchor Text

This refers to the keyword through which you will link your site, being very important that it is related to the theme of your sector. In this case, it is best to carry out a keyword research, in order to know which are the anchor text that have more searches on Google.

Relationship of external – internal links

When linking your website through an external domain, it is very important that you have an adequate balance between external and internal links, to avoid suspicion of Google.

Importance of link building in Off-Site and On-Site

Link building strategies not only add value to a website for Off-Site positioning, but also provide benefits to On-Site SEO. Next, we will explain it to you.

SEO Off-Site

When we talk about Off-Site SEO, we refer to everything that tends to surround your website in an external way. This is where link building from a link building strategy tends to play a very important role.

This is how building external links that tend to point to your site allows you to gain positions in the rankings. Moreover, it will be difficult for Google to determine the value of your site if there is no link pointing to it.

SEO On-Site

Link building strategies also play a very important role in On-Site SEO. Keep in mind that by linking multiple categories and pages on your site, you add value, allowing you to increase authority at the on-page level.

Of course, if what you want is for a page to grow and rise in its positions, it is essential that it has quality content and provides valuable information to the user. Otherwise, you may not achieve the results you expect, and you may also suffer a penalty from Google.

Now that we have reviewed the most relevant points of link building strategies, there is no doubt that a strategy of this type will improve and increase the visibility of your website in search engines. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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