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In we have expert programmers in the creation of websites. It is the best way to achieve a specific professional goal, such as the sale of a product, a service, or the dissemination of one or more messages. Web design agency specialized in project development

Web development is a technique to generate online pages with a professional sense and aimed at obtaining a professional goal, which can be the sale of a product, a service or the dissemination of one or more messages. Therefore, it is recommended that, to launch an economic technological project, the services of a web design agency such as are sought.

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

The services we develop in regarding web development are very varied. The most common or requested are:

  • Web Design. It can be done with WordPress or with any other CMS, depending on the type of website we want to launch or adapt.
  • Online Store. It is another type of web, known as E-commerce and its web development is different from that of another type of web platform.
  • Design. It can be both the graphic design related to our brand or the development of specific products, as it could be an APP for potential customers to download on their mobile.
  • Improved SEO. We must look at the content of the page, and also in other issues that have to do with web development such as loading speed and platform security, among other aspects
  • Brand development, in all its aspects, such as brand image, logo, storytelling, etc.

We know as web architecture to the backend strategy or internal development that has a page posted on the Internet. It is the basis for the medium and long-term development of an online project. In addition, from the first moment, the way to build a certain website helps its organic positioning.

The web architecture pays special attention to issues such as loading speed, robustness, or ability to incorporate more functionalities without the user having a bad experience on our website.

Before publishing a website, you must establish what objective you intend to achieve with this communication technique. This must be measurable, because it is essential that throughout the life of the web project you corroborate if the strategies you follow bear fruit, or it is necessary to modify them.

How is a web test done?

Various checks can be made to corroborate the usability or usefulness of the site. We tell you the most common ones we practice in

  • Remote test not moderated. It is done with people who browse a website and checks, via webcam or similar, the experience that the Internet user has on our website.
  • In-person usability test. The user and the person interested in knowing the result are present in the same physical space.
  • Remote usability test. It is halfway between the previous two options. Results are obtained faster than in an in-person test. Software such as Loopback or Userlytics can be used for its elaboration.

The most common techniques to perform these tests are:

  • Classification: Improves the structure and labelling of the web.
  • Eye tracking: It allows detecting the areas of the web that most impact the user.
  • A/B tests. They allow us to compare two designs in terms of aesthetics, functionality and any other parameter that may be of interest to us in the study.

The development of a website should answer a series of questions or objectives related to the growth of the brand. However, it may happen that there are aspects of your strategy that you have ignored or underestimated, but that really cause a stagnation or decrease of your brand on the Internet.

For all this reason, tests, or tests, are so important. These allow to accelerate the obtaining of an answer regarding what would be the ‘natural’ procedure of creating a website, publication, feedback phase with users, monitoring, and error detection.

If you are interested in implementing a project on the Internet, it is important that you know the services that gives you as a web design company so that you consider the advantages of hiring our services. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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