YouTube SEO encompasses a number of techniques that will allow you to achieve greater visibility, increase traffic to your channel and website, and get more subscribers

Simple Guide to Position Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube SEO encompasses a series of techniques that will allow you to achieve greater visibility, increase traffic to your channel and website, and get more subscribers. But  do you know how to do SEO on Youtube?  At we can help you.

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The answer to the question of how to do SEO on Youtube has multiple edges. One of the key elements is to fit with the search intent. However, it is also necessary for video to generate high engagement. The longer viewers stay on your channel, the more ads they see, and the more money they generate for the platform. That’s why Google rewards you by improving your rankings.

There are elements that affect how search engines index your content and how users interact with your channel. Here are some of them:


This is one of the main factors to position yourself on YouTube. It should be less than 10 words, be eye-catching, and include your main keywords.


You must synthesize the topic in the first 2 lines, since they are the ones that will appear when the user sees your video. In these lines try to include your main keyword and in the rest of the text use it 3 or 4 times more, at most. The text should be around 250 words, although this may depend on the theme. Finally, do not forget to incorporate a link to your site in the first paragraph, and so you can drive traffic to your website.


Tags allow your post to appear in the related videos section of the sidebar. In this way, the probability of receiving visits on your channel increases. You can know which tags are the most suitable, observing the ones your competition uses, inspecting the html elements.


In addition to Google rewarding personalized thumbnails, these allow you to attract the attention of a greater number of users from the YouTube results page, Google, and from your social networks. The ideal is to create miniatures that stand out for their colour among those of your competition. Remember that these cannot be misleading or promise content that is not in the video.

Video length

Generally, people’s attention begins to decrease after 10 minutes. So, if you don’t have to extend further, don’t.

Once your content is uploaded, you should pay attention to a series of options that will increase its value. To modify them, you must click on edit the video.

Information & Configuration

Here, you can modify the elements discussed above. You also have the option to add subtitles and fill in other data, such as category, location, language selection, video recording date, among others.

Enhancements and audio

This will allow you to make improvements to your publication.

End screen and annotations. This option makes it possible to include a subscription photo at the end of your video. You can also add another video or an entire playlist. This will increase the chances of retaining the user in your channel.


With the cards, you can insert an image that when clicked will refer users to another video of yours.


Add subtitles or modify poorly done machine translations.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can include your video in a playlist. In this way, it will be better classified by theme and improves the user experience.

It is also important that you promote your content outside the channel, both on your social networks and on your blog. Encourage your users to interact and subscribe to your channel. Finally, use news aggregators: publish your videos to spread them on platforms.

If you’re not an SEO expert on Youtube, don’t worry: is here to help. Contact us, and we will help you optimize your videos and Youtube channels using SEO criteria to gain visibility.

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