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Professional advisory and digital consulting services are increasingly necessary if your business idea wants to consolidate and grow on the Internet. If your company is located in the capital in the province of Barcelona, obtaining the services of an SEO consultant in Barcelona will be very useful in some phases of your digital expansion.

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Digital consulting is a guide that establishes the guidelines that a company must follow to have a good online presence. To do this, the consultants analyse the company, its needs and expectations of online development, and implement a series of strategies that ensure a correct digital presence, optimized and oriented to the achievement of plausible objectives.

An SEO consultant in Barcelona will help you achieve different objectives through a comprehensive study of the company. Your work can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Research. It consists of knowing your entity in depth and what you are looking to obtain with this service.
  2. Analysis. At this time, the opportunities, threats, and strengths of the company are studied. In addition, solutions to possible conflicts are sought.
  3. Diagnosis. Prepare a report, as complete as possible, with all the previous points.
  4. Action plan. You capture the strategies to follow, with concrete actions, to obtain the results you are looking for, indicating the times in which you intend to achieve each of these items.
  5. Implementation. Implement all the strategies defined above.
  6. Analysis of results. To check, in a quantifiable way, how the digital strategy we have put in place is evolving and what results it is giving. Detect what works and what does not, as well as if there are possibilities to correct those aspects that do not report the expected result.
  7. The analysis of results has focused on strategies that have not borne the fruits we expected or the emergence of unexpected factors, sometimes even unrelated to the brand, which have negatively affected the income statement. Therefore, now it is time to establish improvement actions, new strategies.

The services of an SEO consultant in Barcelona or anywhere else and those of a digital consultancy are very varied and depend on the strategy you need to develop and the phase in which your project is. Some of the most common strategies today are the following:

  • SEO strategy for your website, networks, and marketplace platforms.
  • Analysis of the user experience, in this case of all the potential users you can have via the web.
  • Specific strategies of Social Networks, Marketing, and marketplace.
  • Content marketing.
  • Web development.
  • Automated marketing, through concrete actions such as e-mail marketing.
  • Analytics and measurement of results, with customized reports according to the needs that each client has periodically.

A good digital consultant and SEO consultant should advise you with all the tools at your disposal to make your company take off to the top in the digital world. To achieve this, the specific tasks you may need from an SEO consultant in Barcelona are:

  • Analysis and / or improvement of the SEO of your website, your social networks and your marketplace platforms (if you have them). The objective of these tasks is to achieve more traffic and sales.
  • Design of a comprehensive digital strategy, defining the KPIs that your company must establish as priorities for action to obtain optimal results.
  • Audit of your business. Defined as a complete task, which includes from the recognition of your target, a complete market study or the
  • Benchmarketing, among other aspects.
  • Implementation of digital processes adapted to the needs and strategies of your business.
  • Study the digital investments that you must put into practice, the channels to which you must dedicate a greater effort, as well as the strategies that you have to develop, in a specific way, for each of them.
  • There are digital consultancies that also offer their clients advertising or creative agency services.

From we encourage you, if you require the advice of an SEO consultant in Barcelona, to contact us without any commitment. We will analyze your situation and assess the digital marketing strategies you should put in place.

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