Developing an SEO strategy on Amazon is the best way to improve the visibility of your products on one of the largest online sales platforms worldwide. To do this, at we work with the content of your product pages.

How can an SEO agency on Amazon help you?

Amazon has become one of the largest online sales platforms in recent times. If your business is focused on the sale of products, you should not remain oblivious to this communication channel and, as in other areas of the Internet, SEO is your greatest ally to obtain adequate profitability. As an Amazon SEO agency, we will explain how we achieve it.

The SEO strategy on each platform is different. Google values aspects such as originality, quantity of content and quality, as well as loading speed or responsive optimization. In the case of SEO for Amazon, on the other hand, aspects such as the possibilities of purchase, the number of transactions that the brand has or its history in the marketplace come into play.

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Visibility is the most important aspect for the sales giant. That is why there are product sheets, ratings, the number of transactions that each seller has or the comments of buyers.

Keywords on Amazon

Keywords are useful for the seller, because a good choice of them helps to position, and for the buyer, who easily accesses what he wants to buy. To choose them, the first thing is to determine what search would be carried out by a user who wants to end up acquiring our product.

It is interesting to include words that have at least 50 searches per month. In addition, we must give importance to the longtail – the sequence of three or more words – that best describe and position an article. There are tools that help identify keywords and secondary keywords on this platform, such as Sistrix Amazon Keyword Tool or Sonar Tool.

SEO elements for optimization on Amazon

  • The title. All keywords in the title are analysed at the time of search. As for the length, a maximum of 120 characters is usually recommended. You also have to know that the order of the keywords of the title does not affect the optimization, although in its writing you must include the product, the brand, the model, the quantity, and some other relevant detail.
  • SEO attributes. Amazon allows you to use five attributes per item, with a maximum of 200 words. In this way, we can extend more than in the title and introduce new keywords that help position ourselves and convince customers.
  • The SEO description on Amazon. It is the perfect opportunity to finish describing our product, as well as being the time to highlight, in more detail, the keywords used in the title of the same. The description benefits at the time of the ranking that Amazon brings to users when they do a search.
  • The images. The more variety of photographs there are associated with an article and the better described they are, the more conversion rate they will generate for the company. Here, it is essential to pay special attention to the image policy that the marketplace has.
  • Additional services. Especially the account on Amazon Fullfillment. The advantage for the seller is that it is the platform that does the storage, packaging, transport and customer service tasks. In these cases, the profit margin suffers, but in return, in addition to facilitating the sales work, it improves your positioning and, with it, your sales.

The importance of a good opinion on Amazon

Feedback with customers always translates into better positioning, in addition to creating a climate of trust with potential customers. Therefore, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Track orders and after-sales process.
  • Respond to comments, whether positive or negative.
  • Ask for a recommendation at checkout.

As you have seen, SEO on Amazon has its own characteristics and requires constant marketing. If your company is dedicated to the sale of products, you should not stay on the sidelines of this platform, and hiring the services of an SEO agency on Amazon will be enormously useful.

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