CRO marketing consists of a set of techniques to improve the performance of a website in relation to its conversion rate.

CRO Marketing

 CRO marketing or conversion rate optimization is a set of techniques that have as their ultimate goal to improve the performance of a website in relation to its conversion rate. The conversion ratio of a digital marketing action is the percentage of users who end up doing what is proposed to them from the calls to action.

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The conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing each of the elements involved in an online marketing campaign in order to maximize the volume of conversions.

The CRO focuses on focusing all our efforts on optimizing the web to improve conversion. This means that the traffic that comes to our website ends up doing what we want it to do. In the case of an online store, for example, we want you to buy.

Basically, CRO marketing helps you convert, hence the importance of having the support of a team of expert CRO professionals such as

There are two options to convert more: you can increase traffic to your website, or you can increase your conversion rate through CRO marketing. The CRO involves making changes and improvements to your website, varying the user experience so that you have more guarantees of converting your visits into customers.

This rate is one of the fundamental when analysing the operation of a digital marketing strategy, since it is the metric that is most related to the return on investment (ROI) that has been made.

The work of optimization of online marketing strategies that we do from is based on continuous comparative analysis that allows you to relate two versions of the same element and observe which of them works best with your list of records.

To do this, we use these cognitive preferences that are important for CRO marketing, because they help marketers understand and predict how a user will behave on a website and what will make them decide what they want to buy or convert.

The Barnum effect occurs when individuals believe that personality descriptions apply specifically to them (more than to other people), even though the description actually includes information that applies to anyone.

This fact is based on how susceptible people are to flattery, as well as to believing anything that comes from what they consider a reliable source. Its application to online CRO is simple. You just have to position yourself as an authority on what you tell and use generalities to each segment of your audience, so that each individual feels that we are communicating with them directly.

This rule is based on the confirmation that regardless of how long an experience is, people mostly remember the positive or negative of the ending. To apply it to conversion optimization, introduce the most painful moments in any phase within your website, at the beginning and leave the most pleasant ones for last. In this way, you will get them to convert and, in addition, their user experience is optimal.

The drag effect explains the natural dependence we all have on making decisions based on the opinion of the people closest to us. You can apply this CRO marketing trick by including opinions next to the file of your products on your website, showing the amount left in stock, the people who are looking at that same product or testimonials. In the face of CRO marketing, this effect has a great application when listing products, prices, or plans. Of all of them, we must highlight, with colour and shape, the one that we are most interested in selling.

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