The 360º web audit of b2b.studio allows you to detect all those elements that could be affecting the performance of your website: from pages that load slowly, broken links and unnecessary redirects, to pages without content or irrelevant pages marked to be indexed in Google.

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When a web consultant does a web audit of your online business, you can get greater visibility into organic results translated into a conversion of sales and source of income. Don’t worry, b2b.studio is here to help. If you want to know how, we recommend that you keep reading.

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The 360º web audits carried out by  b2b.studio’s web consultants turn a good site into an excellent, optimized and attractive one for the user. When we do, we identify a wide variety of issues: from pages that load slowly, broken links, unnecessary redirects, pages with no content or irrelevant pages flagged for indexing in Google.

It is advisable to perform a full web audit every 6 months and when there are substantial changes in content. This allows to assess competitive factors, changes in positioning, backlinks won and lost. It is also necessary to prepare the audit of specific pages that are positioned and have a significant volume of visits to the web.

The technical audit of a website consists of analysing the infrastructure and technical architecture of the website. To do so, b2b.studio’s web consultants make use of numerous professional tools.

UI and UX audit of a website

The User Interface (UI) allows you to guide the user through your website. On the other hand, User Experience (UX) is how a person feels while using any digital product or service offered by your company.

PPC Audit

PPC refers to the acronym for price per click in English. This audit is done to find low-cost keywords to invest in a Google Ads campaign.

On-page SEO audit

It carries all the technical checks that guarantee good performance and security, as well as optimization for mobile devices. The most relevant thing in the SEO web audit on page is the identification of the problems that can cause a penalty in the positioning of content in search engines. Some examples are:

  • Web security: Review of certificates, automatic https redirects and detection of mixed content between http and https.
  • Crawling: It is essential to have the sitemap and the robot file.txt updated.
  • Review of duplicate content: This is solved by making canonical links.
  • Code 5XX: When a web page returns an error that begins with 5XX, you must contact the hosting provider to correct it.
  • Errors with code 4XX: These errors appear when a website has changed its name and is not found (404) or there are no access permissions (403).
  • 3XX code notices: Refers to redirects, they can be permanent (301) or temporary (302).
  • Code 2XX: These codes return the OK status of the web.
  • Internal links: Your content must be accessible from different points. Google values semantic linking in your articles with its own content. This way, you can use the popularity of a given post to drive traffic to a new one.
  • External links: It is a good practice to link to external references that add value.
  • Images: they must be optimized for web, well compressed or in new generation formats such as webp.
  • Source code: WordPress must solve an optimization in its source code by compressing javascript and CSS that make premium plugins like WP Rocket.
  • Mobile optimization: A website or online store must be adaptive (responsive) to any navigation device.

The 360º audits carried out by b2b.studio’s web consultants allow the development of your digital growth, to overcome your competition and enter much more money online. That is why it is necessary to have the help of marketing professionals. Started?

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