Dashboards are tools that serve to measure the situation and evolution of a company, from a general perspective. When well executed, they contain numbers, percentages and calculations, which are presented in a visual way and manage to adapt to the user who consults.

cuadro de mandos digital
cuadro de mandos digital

What is a scorecard, and what does a performance marketing agency use it for?

The dashboard is the place where you will find all the movements of your company to monitor and control them from data. Therefore, it is the ideal tool to develop digital marketing strategies or KPIs. From the performance marketing agency b2b.studio we can create one that completely fits your needs.

Every day, your business generates and is immersed in data: production, sales, costs, web interactions, social media activities, and many more. All that data is information, which can be useful if recorded and processed in a dashboard.

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Data represent a very rich source of knowledge, but only potentially: several steps are necessary so that from the raw material, which is data, we arrive at intelligence and strategic knowledge. And it is in this data processing where we are essential to performance marketing agencies.

The dashboards contain numbers, percentages and calculations, which are presented in a visual way, which adapts to the user who consults. When well-designed, they are intuitive, flexible, and customizable, as there is no standard dashboard.

It is necessary to understand what data needs to be collected and how to identify effective key performance indicators or KPIs, apply analysis functions, and then give the information a readable and useful format. Due to the complexity of the task, we recommend that a  performance marketing agency be responsible for developing this tool.

Our performance marketing agency seeks that your dashboard is the most effective so that you can achieve the following objectives:

  • That your brand is distinguished in the market
  • Update and search for new sales channels
  • Expand platforms and formats to achieve greater proximity to the customer
  • Introduce new products
  • Position and search for new niches and markets
  • Expand trade borders to other countries

As an agency specialized in digital marketing, our goal is to design your dashboard from a deep audit of your business to position yourself as a benchmark in the sector. We study how your competition moves, its strengths and weaknesses. We also analyse your page, social networks and SEO to discover your real positioning and improve it.

Because even though many tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Data Studio may be free, to make your campaign stand out, you need a personalized strategy and the experience of b2b.studio.

Our performance marketing agency will achieve your transformation to get out of the deadlock in which you find yourself and recover the investment and lost time. We will make a dashboard tailored to your company to start obtaining positive results as soon as possible.

We invite you to contact b2b.studio so that our specialized team can help you.

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