SEO positioning is a set of techniques that allow us to increase the organic traffic of a website or an e-Commerce in the medium term. It is about carrying out the optimization of all the content and all its links, depending on the keywords that users use to find their products, their services, or their brand in Google.

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Anyone who has a company within sectors such as industrial or B2B, should keep in mind that if you do not have a department dedicated to digital marketing, you play at a great disadvantage compared to your competition. Having an SEO positioning agency like ours allows you to have a strategic advantage that can make a difference and the path to commercial success.

This is because in our agency everything revolves around our clients, and we put all our effort into being the digital partners they need to guarantee both the growth of their company and their own satisfaction. Counting on us, you will have your own SEO team, with specialists within each of the disciplines that make up this new science, who will put all their knowledge and experience at your disposal, guaranteeing at all times the return on your investment.

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

In this first phase our specialists will detect  the keywords used by users and customers of your company  to find your services, your products or your brand in the main search engines that currently exist, Google being the most important of them all.

This will be  the basis of your SEO content strategy and will allow us to optimize the content of your website or online store based on these words, increasing organic traffic considerably and, consequently, conversions. The key is to create content that solves the search intention of users, and it all starts with a proper keyword search.

The second step is to review the architecture of your website based on the keyword study carried out a priori. It is very significant to analyse aspects such as menu categorization or user experience.

If necessary, we will propose a new architecture for your website, adapted for both computer and mobile devices, and that is designed by and for the user.  We will assign a keyword to each of the links of the architecture, a factor that will allow us to start creating and optimizing the metadata and content of  each one of the sections and links of your website.

Before you start working with the content, you have to fix what may be wrong with your website or online store.  For example, we must check that everything related to metadata (SEO title, meta description and link) are configured correctly and created based on the study of keywords.

We also make sure that search engines can index your content, that pages are not blocked, that all links are followed and that everything in the backend is in  the best condition to end up getting the desired results.

 We must ensure that Google reads your website as we want it to, and that, from a technical point of view, it has no faults. To do this, we master and use both  the programs of the Google toolkit and other reference programs within the analytics and SEO sector, such as SEMRUSH or Screaming Frog.

At we generate SEO content of the highest quality. We have specialized journalists and SEO editors with a lot of experience within the industrial and B2B sector. We’ll analyse all existing content and optimize it based on keywords and Google’s rich results, also known as the SERPs. If necessary, we will create it from scratch and always in line with you or your team.

Quality content is the basis for increasing reputation, authority, or trust among your customers, key aspects within SEO and that must be taken into account. Once optimized or generated this content, we will load it on your website without you having to worry about anything.

When you write a text to position it in Google, you have to do it in a very specific way and under guidelines that are marked by the search engine. It is important to know and apply them, but being very clear that we must always write for our users and not for Google.  Bet on an SEO positioning agency like ours and the return on your investment is guaranteed.

Digital marketing is meaningless without results. This is one of our mantras, and we defend it tooth and nail. In our SEO positioning agency, we give a lot of importance to web analytics and monitoring the results generated by the content we create for our clients.

We present detailed monthly, quarterly and annual reports, with a personalized dashboard, made with Google Data Studio, which helps us, always in line with you, to make the most appropriate decisions to continue growing the organic traffic of your website or your online store, thus guaranteeing the return on your investment. 

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