Local SEO is the set of online strategies to promote your brand within the nearest geographical scope.
Therefore, it is ideal for companies that sell physical products, or for those that offer a service that needs an in-person deal with the customer.

Why is it useful to invest in a local SEO agency for your business?

Many times we forget the ability of the online world to reach the next door neighbour Therefore, it is best to ask for help from a local SEO agency like b2b.studio, which correctly positions your business in the closest geographical environment.

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

A local SEO agency is dedicated to Local SEO, which is the set of online strategies to promote your brand within the nearest geographical scope. Their goal is to attract potential customers in the environment and can be very effective if you sell a physical product or if your company performs a service that needs an in-person deal with the customer.

Local SEO agencies that help you achieve various digital marketing objectives include, among their service packages, improving the positioning of a company in a specific physical environment. These are some of its advantages:

  • Attract new types of audiences
  • Generate notoriety
  • Improve users’ search experience

A good local SEO agency knows that it’s essential for your brand to be among the top search results when the user intends to learn more about your product or service. To do this, they handle one of the most interesting tools that Google puts at the service of companies with a physical presence: Google My Business.

It is, in practice, a complete file about our business, which includes data such as the schedule, location, type of company, the complete list of services offered to its audience, images, and even reviews of Internet users who have been or are customers.

Having a Google My Business profile as complete and updated as possible is essential for the positioning of your company to be good in general and, even better, in local positioning.

Do we need to change the SEO strategy?

Of course. Google My Business is very practical for the organic positioning of our brand in searches with content such as ‘Near here’ ‘(type of business) in Barcelona’, and can give great results without, necessarily, Internet users ending up arriving at your website.

Therefore, a good brand relevance strategy in a specific area requires slightly changing the thinking of traditional SEO. In this sense, it is important that you put yourself in the hands of an agency specialized in Local SEO.

Why? Because they are clear that when someone searches for a specific type of Google company, they are mainly looking for quick information: an address, opening hours or a telephone.

How to make my presence effective on Google My Business?

Google bots value the existence of certain data, such as specific name, address, website, phone, email, and hours. They also consider the presence of images or videos of the business, explanations about the accessibility conditions of the company or the additional services you have.

Another of the most interesting and least known elements of this tool is Google Post. It is a section that helps you promote special offers or promotional campaigns at specific times.

Interaction with your audience, essential in Local SEO

There are several aspects highly valued by customers in Local SEO, which provide a sense of closeness that goes beyond geographical proximity: the question and answer section and ratings.

A Local SEO agency will tell you that these aspects lead to more or less immediate results that are tremendously positive. On the one hand, they generate notoriety to your company and, on the other, they show a closeness and concern for your customers, thus generating trust among those who are not yet.

In this same area, it is important that the reviews you obtain are not only from your customers. Your reputation also improves if suppliers, and even similar brands, mention your business and its added value.

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