In b2b.studio we carry out the maintenance service of your website to guarantee its proper functioning.

Why is it important to hire the maintenance of your website?

Hiring the maintenance of your website is essential for the website to work properly. From b2b.studio we want to emphasize that the maintenance work is not only technical, but also oriented to the content and design of your website.

At b2b.studio, we are specialists in the WordPress CMS. From our experience, we want to explain everything that a good web maintenance service entails  and how it improves the presence of your online business.

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

It is useless that you have created, designed and developed a professional and attractive website, if you do not maintain, improve and update it. Therefore, hiring web maintenance is a key for your website to be taken care of and transmit a correct image of your business.

At b2b.studio we are aware of how complex it can be to carry out the necessary updates and for this reason, we put at your disposal our professionals in this type of tasks.

For a web store maintenance service to be quality and professional, it must cover the following areas:

  • Constant monitoring: you must use tools that detect the fall of your page.
  • Security: the security service must be performed by a specialist. In case of a hack, malware, intrusion or virus, disinfection must be carried out immediately.
  • Update content: The content of the page must be updated at all points that are necessary.
  • Page and server optimization: These elements are essential for your site to load quickly.
  • Make backups: Backups should be performed every day.
  • SEO improvement of search engine positioning: consists of the optimization of content, tags, images, etc.
  • Software update: if your site is WordPress, it is recommended that a specialist in this platform makes the updates.
  • Telephone and personalized support: you must offer a specialist who knows your project and with whom it is easy to talk, if you have any questions you may have.
  • Monthly reports: the specialist must issue monthly reports indicating the maintenance actions that are carried out on their website.

In b2b.studio we can ensure that your website is permanently updated and in optimal conditions. We have a long history in the sector that supports us as specialists in the WordPress CMS.

Before hiring a web maintenance,  it is essential to know that there are different typologies, depending on the type of page and the existence of databases or other services that could hinder the maintenance service.

WordPress Maintenance

This is the speciality of b2b.studio. As WordPress developers, we are dedicated to the maintenance of many websites and blogs with CMS. This is the most attacked by intruders and hackers. It becomes necessary to keep a constant watch on theme and plugin updates, especially if it is a Woocommerce store.

Prestahop Maintenance

This is a type of CMS that suffers many attacks and the type of maintenance it requires is based on the updates of the modules and software, monitor that the service does not fall and make backups.

Maintenance of PHP/MySQL pages

This kind of sites need to hire a personalized and customized web maintenance, since each site is totally different. They are usually developed as they need changes to the database, PHP files, touch the HTLM or Javascript of the front, and more.

HTLM page maintenance

There are HTML pages that have been made years ago, and you have to update the content with some frequency. Therefore, every time they need to publish something or change content, they must go to a programmer.

Thanks to the extensive experience we have in b2b.studio, our professionals know how to anticipate and solve the adversities that may arise. In addition, we are known for providing a close, personalized and quality service.

There is nothing better than being sure to hire quality web maintenance, and b2b.studio are specialists in the WordPress CMS. If you have any questions, just contact us.

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