At b2b.studio we are specialists in web analytics. Through specialized tools,
we extract the data and turn it into relevant information to help you make strategic business decisions.

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A web analytics agency is dedicated to the measurement, processing, analysis, and reporting of internet traffic to understand and optimize the use of a website.

As  a web analytics agency and online strategy, at b2b.studio we perform an analysis of web data and user behavior. To do this, we use tools to extract the decisive data and turn it into relevant information that helps our clients make strategic business decisions.

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As a web analytics agency, we are dedicated to the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data of the website of our clients and their competition. Based on this data, we promote a continuous improvement of the online experience that both regular and potential customers have and that translates into expected results (online and offline).

The analysis of web data allows us to prepare customized reports and reports, in which we detect the lines of behaviour, possible user leaks, traffic jams in purchase processes, etc. In addition, at b2b.studio we provide solutions and answers to each incident detected.

At b2b.studio we offer an external web analytics service to companies that need to find an answer and obtain solutions to daily problems on their online platforms. We also improve the profitability of your investment in advertising, after an analysis of global campaigns or specific actions.

Thanks to the deep knowledge and experience that the b2b.studio team has about web analytics, from our web analytics agency, we can help you get your business off the ground.

The metrics allow you to visualize the results of the actions defined in line with the objectives we had from the beginning. Here are some of the important metrics we keep in mind at b2b.studio:

  • Unique or exclusive visitors: These are users that Google Analytics considers to have visited your website in a certain period of time.
  • Percentage of new visits: Indicates the percentage of new users who have reached our website.
  • Page views: Defined as the total number of page views on a website.
  • Pages/visit: It is an average that indicates the number of pages that have been viewed in a visit.
  • Average time on the page and average duration of the visit:  It indicates the average duration of the session
  • Bounce rate: Refers to the total number of sessions in which a user has left the website without interacting with it.
  • Percentage of departure: Indicates what was the visit of the last session.
  • Traffic channels: This metric analyses where our website traffic comes from.

In b2b.studio we work with a precise and tested method oriented to decision-making that provides a differential value to our clients.

From our web analytics agency, we contact and analyse with all your environment, both digital and offline, to define objectives and mark key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be vital for subsequent decision-making. We configure and optimize the measurement tools ad hoc to the project for the subsequent collection of data. We analyse the data reported by the tools and compare with different sections to show behavioural graphs.

This advanced analysis of all the reported data allows us to draw conclusions about user segments, economic weightings of the objectives, conversion reports, SEO traffic, PPC traffic, ecommerce tracking, conversion assistance, transaction study, vanishing points, among many others. The final report that b2b.studio delivers to our clients is personalized, quantitative and qualitative based on all the data received. We incorporate an annex to each report with solutions to be adopted to remedy each of the problems identified in the report.

At b2b.studio we are the best data analysis and web consulting agency, because we are able to accurately interpret the data reported by data measurement platforms and tools. In addition, as a web analytics agency, we can interpret the ecosystem in which your business niche moves and know from our own experience how users behave in that sector. Leave your website in our hands and you will see how your business grows.

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