Developing an international SEO strategy is essential if you are looking to open your company to new markets outside national borders.
In we have a team of expert professionals in this task, who guarantee a better organic positioning of your website in search engines abroad.

What are the advantages of having an international SEO agency?

Hiring the services of an international SEO agency is very useful in those moments in which the company seeks to open up to new markets outside national borders.

For this reason, at we have this professional profile in our team to be able to offer you a quality international SEO consultancy.

Agencia posicionamiento SEO

There are quantitative parameters that you must take into account when launching your products or services in a foreign market. These are:

  • Is my website optimal in other countries?  The content of your website must be adapted to the market where you want to reach. In addition to translating them, they must be perfectly adapted to SEO and must have all the parameters that make Google position us correctly in that market we want to reach.
  • Do I offer any interest in that market?  Here you must take into account certain issues specific to the country such as payment methods, the type of currency they prefer for their transactions, etc.
  • The target audience, am I clear?  Consumption habits are different in each place, and therefore it is necessary to know the target audience to which we are addressing.

 International SEO consultants review a huge set of elements when planning the strategy.

An international SEO consultant reviews your website from the basics

Website architecture, domains, and even a company name can contribute a lot in one language but not appeal in another. Therefore, it is interesting to make a complete and exhaustive evaluation in these aspects.

Thus, one of the first tasks will be to know the types of domains that are required to work in different languages:

  • Generic Top Level Domains(gTLD) son generics: .org, .net, .eu.
  • Country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD): these are the ones we usually use when we are in a certain country, such as .es in Spain. We recommend hosting the domain on a geolocated server where you want to expand, because this way the user experience, the ability to generate incoming links, the loading speed and other aspects will be more effective.
  • Create domains or subdomains by language. Each is an independent website and has semantic URLs for each language. The advantages of this option are: that it can have servers in each country and that it allows you to configure geotargeting in Google Search Console.
  • Strategy of subdirectories by languages. A domain and 301 redirects from territorial domains. So the link juice flows from the main website and the brand does not lose authority. The main disadvantage in this option is that if there is no good WOP work, the loading time is slower.
  • Unique domain name for each language, that is, with separate websites. In this way we achieve a more important presence in each country of our market and work with more agility, flexibility and autonomy.
  • Subfolders by languages with a domain, using microsites. It is an option with a high and complex maintenance, because it involves creating a microsite in each territory.

For an international SEO positioning strategy in which we opt for a multi-language site or different ccTLDs of our website, we must implement the so-called hreflang tag: rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”.

It is an attribute that gives Google to understand that we have more than one URL with the same content, although adapted to other territories or languages.

The cases in which you must implement this attribute are:

  • When the content of the web is translated and there are different versions in different languages on each page.
  • If the main content is in a language and the navigation menu, template and footer are translated.
  • When the content has regional variations, even if it is the same language.

As you can see, the internationalization of your brand is an important step that must have behind a very studied implementation plan and in which you must take into account numerous factors. So that international SEO is not a headache in this journey, we recommend that you bet on hiring the services of an International SEO consultant at

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