Nowadays, people need more and more stimuli to capture our attention.
Therefore, videos are a great marketing strategy when it comes to promoting a brand, product, or service.

Video marketing: why should you use video for digital marketing?

The human being processes most of the stimuli he receives through sight and hearing. Therefore, video for digital marketing has developed exponentially in recent times. In this context, from, we want you to know the qualities of video for digital marketing and the advantages it has to improve your presence on the Internet.

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  • Corporate videos. They make the company known, from its people or its offices, to its values.
  • Portfolio videos. They serve to promote the works prepared by an entity.
  • Advertising videos. They are created with an intention to sell or promote an item or service.
  • Demonstration videos. They show a product or service and its advantages.
  • Testimonial videos. It reflects a customer’s opinion of a product or their experience with the company.
  • Videoblog. A well-known representative of the company discusses a topic of interest.
  • Video tutorials. They show how a certain item is used or how a service works.
  • Video of events. Summarize the presence of the brand in a specific event that it has organized or with which it collaborates.
  • Video contest. They are sent by users at the request of a brand, as part of a promotional campaign.

Videos for digital marketing have specific qualities that we can summarize in:

  • Message. It comes more clearly than through other methods.
  • Memorability. It facilitates the memory of a story to a greater extent than a text.
  • Consumption. It’s easier to grab a prospect’s attention with a video than with text.
  • Engagement. There are original creations that are very well accepted by the public because they allude to emotions.
  • Virality. Videos are friendlier when it comes to consuming and sharing.
  • SEO. Videos posted on platforms such as Youtube help improve the SEO of the website they refer to or where they are hosted.
  • Traffic. The videos that are hosted on a specific website generate traffic to it.
  • Purchase. The videos allow the potential customer to know better the product and its uses.

At we are clear that planning is essential, and we pay special importance to the following aspects:

  • Create valuable content. We are not just looking for sale.
  • Inform. Transfer information of interest to your audience and answer their questions.
  • Generate content for specific audiences. Videos should appeal to a certain segment of your target.
  • Create reviews. Especially if you sell products with various utilities or technology.
  • Excite your audience. The most memorable advertisements are usually those that allude to feelings.
  • We show what is not usually seen. The ‘behind the scenes’ are a fun resource to show the human side of a company.
  • Promote success stories and stories of satisfied customers with the product or service you provide.

In we work all these elements in our videos for digital marketing, with the aim of guaranteeing the success of our clients’ videos:

  • SEO attributes. Our videos must adapt to SEO following the rules of title, meta description, URL, and link with SEO attributes.
  • Branding. The video must make it clear that it belongs to your brand, so that video marketing is effective and translates into sales or visits to our website.
  • Disseminate the video on social networks. Networks are information channels with direct feedback with users. Do not forget to take into account the peculiarities of each one.
  • Public. Before recording, think about whom you want to target and what content you are going to create for that target.
  • Idea. Being clear, concise and developing a single idea completely is more successful than developing a very long video without a clear objective.

If you plan to use videos for digital marketing, but you are still not sure about the strategy to follow or what methods to use, we recommend that you hire the services of Our team of professionals can help you develop your ideas in this format.

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