Social media campaigns are a way to get more people to know about your offer or business. This option is interesting for profiles that do not yet have a solid community, that recently started with their profile on social networks or that need to communicate a unique value proposition in a limited time.

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Advertising on social media is a digital marketing tool that allows businesses to promote their products or services on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through social media advertising, companies can effectively and selectively reach their target audience, thanks to the vast amount of data these platforms have about their users.

Social media advertising offers a wide range of targeting options, including age, location, interests, and behaviors, enabling businesses to personalize their message and effectively reach their intended audience. Furthermore, social media advertising is highly measurable, allowing companies to evaluate and optimize their strategy in real-time to maximize return on investment.

In summary, social media advertising is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility, generate leads, and boost online sales.

Digital marketing has developed enormously in recent years and there are concepts that you must have clear so that you know a little better the ins and outs of the tasks performed by social media agencies such as The CPC or cost per click is one of the main ones, since it establishes the bases of advertising strategies on the Internet.

The CPC is a meter that establishes the payment that must be made to get a click on an advertising campaign on the Internet. It is the basic unit of measurement when making an advertising campaign because most of the campaigns that are contracted online, especially in the first years of an online life of a company, seek to publicize the brand and, therefore, their investments in advertising must be planned with the aim of obtaining visits to the website, that is, traffic.

In this way, you as an advertiser will pay for each click on your ad that has been ‘published’ on another website or on a social network, which takes the user to your platform.

The formula is born from the division of the budget that you are going to dedicate to the campaign by the number of clicks, counted at the end of it. It is important to know the value of each ad at the end of the campaign in order to assess the performance of the campaign. A high CPC is the indicator of a poorly optimized campaign.

If you have as your social media agency, we will be the ones who will take care of managing all this.

The CPC is the result of the total investment divided by the number of clicks. However, Google Ads works from a bidding system that is responsible for sending Internet users ads relevant to their profiles.

In this way, in the bid, the minimum amount is paid to overcome the ad of the competition that goes right behind you. A factor that social media agencies have to take into account in this strategy is the choice of the type of bid, since there are two:

  • Manual Bidding: You control the entire process. It is used when you are clear about the most relevant keywords for your campaign.
  • Auto Bid: You define a maximum CPC, that is, the maximum amount you want to pay for each click. Thus, Google generates the campaign by looking for the most clicks in an optimized way.

It is important to know that advertising is also very present in social networks. Facebook Ads is the platform for the development of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. In it, you have an ads’ manager that shows the CPC of each of the campaigns you have developed, when it has ended.

Currently, Facebook counts only as CPC in its results’ metrics to clicks on links relevant to the advertiser. These are the clicks that:

  • Redirect to a mobile app
  • They direct to another website
  • They include a ‘Buy Now’ call to action
  • Redirects to a company video
  • They lead to Facebook Canvas.

As we have said, many of the digital marketing strategies we use in social media agencies such as are aimed at getting traffic.

To achieve this, in addition to the CPC, we also use other concepts:

  • (CPM) Cost per thousand. It is the value charged per thousand impressions of a web ad. It is used so that a specific message reaches as many audiences as possible.
  • (CPA) Cost per Acquisition. It is the payment that is given when the Internet user performs the action that the advertiser wants, from the interaction with the ad. These campaigns are more expensive than CPC’s.

At we want to help you. If you have a web project that you want to promote, but you do not know what strategies to follow or how to do it, it is best to hire the services of a social media agency.

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